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We live in a time of period where the world is undergoing tremendous changes -and because of this – it is full of opportunities.

Razormind was founded in 2009 and quickly established itself as a leading consulting company in the travel and tourism industry. Since 2015, one of the founders, Bjorn Arvidsson, is the sole owner of the Razormind.

Razorminds core business is to supply analyzes, trends and financing solutions for both public or private companies and organizations. With a long and deep understanding of what the global drivers of travel are, we transform the global trends to your business plan.

Our business concept is based on being creating analysis, reports advise on the basis of market development, future trends and exponentially stronger international competition. The analyzes Razormind produces are sold through its own website or as a service for companies and organizations all over the world.

Our strategic services in the core areas of analysis, monitoring and financing reflects not only our competence, but also Razorminds vision. A vision to always be on the forefront of development as a leading development partner for companies and organizations aiming to meet the future stronger than their competitors.

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+46 70 594 1930

Bjorn Arvidsson
Founder and General Manager
Board member of Sweden Sri Lanka Business Council
Board member of SKAL International Stockholm