Unwise about MICE #srilanka #meetings

Unwise about MICE

“MICE’ in the literal sense could mean something small if one talks about rats and mice and this, unfortunately, is how the political establishment seems to perceive MICE of different sorts – the Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Exhibitions or Events (MICE) industry.  MICE is a huge market as big as leisure travel with a larger budget and greater potential. During the war-torn years, Sri Lanka was unable to push this market which requires absolute peace unlike the leisure market.  However even after the civil conflict ended in 2009 and the country is more peaceful than some parts of Europe and the West Asia , governing politicians simply don’t understand the value of MICE market and its benefits. The biggest issue is the lack of larger, multi-purpose venues to cater to big events, lack of infrastructure and a proper taxation policy.


Björn Arvidsson

Founder and General Manager, Razormind
Stockholm, Sweden
Sweden Sri Lanka Business Council, Chairman of board
Skål International Stockholm, Member of board
+4670-594 19 30

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