SriLankan Airlines: Nosedive or take-off?

SriLankan Airlines: Nosedive or take-off?

For many months now, the talk of the town, at least in Colombo, has been SriLankan Airlines and its future.  Eran Wickramaratne, Deputy Minister of Public Enterprise Development, told parliament recently that losses total Rs 1.7 billion now compared to a Rs. 4.4 billion profit in 2008.  Stung by the cancellation of the management contract, a senior Emirates official told reporters in Dubai in February 2016 that Emirates has decided it won’t get involved again in managing another airline following its ‘bad’ experience with SriLankan.  Emirates however cannot take a holier-than-thou attitude as one of its decisions to use a single reservations platform (its own) for both airlines instead of the national carrier running its own, was widely criticised as a suspicious measure to take away passenger loads, etc.

Björn Arvidsson

Founder and General Manager, Razormind
Stockholm, Sweden
Sweden Sri Lanka Business Council, Chairman of board
Skål International Stockholm, Member of board
+4670-594 19 30

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